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Jan 2022 | Newsletter

Winter Newsletter from Headquarters




Dear Clients

Daniel with company van

Daniel Kozinski – director

It is more than 15 years since we started providing general building services. From a one-man band DK Building has grown into a multi-team operation with a fantastic office team. Our aim hasn’t changed: to provide high quality, honest, fairly priced and transparent building services. We couldn’t have done this without our clients. I bow to you for your trust in us. Business has changed over the years, but the longer I stay in this business, the more I see how interlinked our journeys are, how we both support each other over the years, decades sometimes. This year we are starting to send a quarterly newsletter, reminding you about us and about new ways we can continue to support each other. I hope you will warmly welcome it and find it useful. This is going to be a great year – all the best in 2022!

Consider why you might want an extension – 

You will be investing a lot of time and money. It’s important that you ask yourself the right questions…

What are you hoping to achieve?  Why are you making this change at this time?
Are you thinking of staying in the property long-term?
If your idea is to sell the property, evidence shows that a single storey extension can add 4-7% to the value of the house. Remember that extending the house necessitates a loss of ground space outside. How will that affect you and your lifestyle?

DK Building can advise you on all aspects of your project. Using our planning and specification service, we work with you to achieve your vision and to make sure every detail is agreed upon before we sign a contract and start construction.

If you are able to look online, you will find interactive 360° photos of the interior of one of our recently constructed extensions  here and here
Give us a call to discuss your initial ideas and let us us show you what reality looks like!


Having spent long periods of time confined to our homes, we have become more aware of the space we live in and how much we might make our environment more comfortable; pleasant, healthy and safe.

Architect Gonzalo Pardo says:
“It seems reasonable that this period of confinement is going to repeat itself and possibly change our way of thinking and planning domestic spaces!

Lockdown is turning our homes into an office, school, gym, play area, restaurant, dormitory or retreat. We need rooms that can be reconfigured depending on the time of day. Homeowners are looking for the invention of a professional who collaborates with you to consider how you live and what you need – something that the DK Building team are very good at!

The experts tell us that there is a definite trend for buying joyful colourful products and décor; and also, items that will be reliable, fire-resistant and generally more hard-wearing. This is in sharp contrast to the “throwaway” culture of the last few decades.
If you would like to change your home environment, give us a call on:
0151 374 0373


Bartosz Manczak

Bartosz Manczak has been working with DK Building as a foreman and plumbing genius for 10 years. We don’t need to sing his praises as so many clients have already done!
We are delighted to have enrolled Bart on the initial gas training course at the NWTC Gas Center in Speke last year.
This course covers CCN1 (CPA1) CKR1 HTR1 CENWAT and will qualify Bart for a place on the Gas Safe Registered.
This is the only office register of gas safe engineers who are legally qualified to carry out gas work.



“Dealing with you guys is like a breath of fresh air compared with other builders we’ve spoken to.” (Peter L.)

“The most courteous team of workers I have come across” (Client’s neighbour)










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