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Price guide and other useful information


Before embarking on any building project, it is wise to have a budget in place. Our price guide is designed to give you a rough idea of what to expect your project will cost. During your initial meeting with Daniel, he will listen to your ideas and try to understand exactly what you are hoping to achieve. He may help you clarify your thoughts, offer technical advice and guidance and where possible give you a ballpark figure for doing the job – typically a range of cost .

The figures below are included here to help you calculate the sort of budget you will need for your project. A final figure can only be given when plans and all specifications have been agreed.

Price guide

House extension

Approx. £3,000 – £5,000 + VAT per sq.m
The lower price would be for a simple extension without any structural work, and the upper price for an extension with structural steels and bifold doors for instance.

Full house refurbishment

 from £1,500 + VAT per sq.m

Loft conversion

from £50,000 + VAT

Garage conversion

from £30,000 + VAT

A written quote can be provided

for a fee of £240 + VAT

Clients should be aware of extra charges outside our control such as building control inspections, structural engineering reports and utilities charges which may be incurred depending on the project.

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