Listen to Our Clients’ Feedback


I asked Daniel to completely gut a shop unit which had previously been used as a hairdressing salon and fit it out as a clothes store as soon as possible. The purchase had taken longer than expected and we were under considerable pressure time-wise to get the shop open for business.

The work included stripping out the sinks/ plumbing, central heating system, electrical system, dividing wall, toilets and panelling. Unsurprisingly the original quote had to be amended as our plans changed. Some bare brick walls were exposed and we decided to keep those as a feature. One wall was replastered and painted, but the bricks were an attractive element and merely sealed. We had originally hoped to level the floor, but in the end this was covered with chipboard and sealant. We had a tight budget and in spite of the changes along the way, Daniel helped us keep fairly close to it .

Whenever we encountered a hitch, we had a direct line to Daniel who was remarkably adaptable and resolved everything to our satisfaction. This was not an easy job and Daniel and his team were very good. I don’t think we could have done it any better


At DK Building our work speaks for itself. Here are a few testimonials from clients DK Building has had the honour to work with.
I found D K Building from the Master Builder Web Site; I had been given quotes from about five different builders. I chose Daniel from DK because I gave him a full list of all the works I needed and he listened to me and didn’t try to tell me what I should have done but did what I asked of him.

I was very anxious at first because let’s face it builders don’t have a great reputation  and you do hear such horror stories of building disasters. I trusted Daniel and his crew with lots of my money and my family home and he has not disappointed. He answered all my questions and I had a lot, in the end he was the only builder I saw that I really trusted.

DK Builders have changed my old 1860s family house into a modern family home. my favourite parts of the renovation are too many to mention I love the windows, the front door, kitchen, bathroom etc etc. I can’t thank all the DK staff for all their help in not only keeping me informed all along the build and keeping my stress levels down with the cheerful happy way they dealt with me. I visited site every day and they were always polite and happy to answer my questions.  I would recommend DK Building to everyone trust me they won’t let you down.


We employed DK Building to create a new kitchen and open up some space to give us a more sociable space for dining and provide a greater capacity for hosting guests. We had some pretty clear ideas of our own and Daniel helped us turn them into reality.

The transformation involved bricking up the back door and creating a new entrance. An internal door was also bricked up, and the whole kitchen/dining area was expertly replastered. A new kitchen was installed and a new radiator fixed to the wall in the dining area. DK Building are very competent, quick and efficient workers – tidy, orderly and respectful. The work took about 3 weeks – as scheduled.

Daniel proved to be a very successful problem-solver – handling the usual minor disruptions in a very efficient manner. We are delighted with the end result and find our new kitchen space works very effectively for us.


Our garage is not big enough for a modern car and therefore not used as such. This together with the need for an extra bedroom made us think about investing money in a garage conversion.

We discussed our ideas with Daniel and eventually went ahead with the project.
A new ceiling and insulation was built in to the roof space and the walls were insulated and plastered. The central heating boiler is situated in the garage and we considered removing it, but the cost was prohibitive and so Daniel designed the work around it.

The original garage door was removed and replaced with a wall and window; and a new door installed between the kitchen and the “South Wing” – as we now call it!

The end result is absolutely fantastic and we are looking forward to using our new space after we have decorated in the new year. There are obvious tangible results: the house is now a 4-bedroom property and I shall be able to use the original small third bedroom as a home office. I believe the value of the house has been increased by more than double the cost of the work. We are delighted and I have already recommended DK Building to some friends.