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 Winter 2023 newsletter from headquarters




We have recently been asked to rectify a number of failed damp poofing jobs. It seems like it takes a while to uncover any mistakes for this sort of work. The company we use for our damp proofing products is Biokil. Biokil has recently changed it’s warranties and now they offer through us- as an approved contractor (no: 11604) three levels of cover from 10 year product warranty only to 30 years product and labour warranty.

Damp proofing is an essential part of many complex renovation projects and knowing that we have the backing and support of a well known brand gives us and our clients that extra piece of mind.




“…We found you to be someone whom we could trust to work with. We met with other builders but we found you to be extremely prepared and professional which gave us confidence and impressed us greatly.”  M.K.

“Dk building are very quick, competent and efficiant workers- tidy, orderly and respectful. The work took about 3 weeks- as scheduled. Daniel proved to be a very succesfull problem solver and handled uasual minor disruptions in a very efficient manner. We are delighted with the end result and find our new kitchen space works very effectively for us.” D.H


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There you can see the projects we are doing or have done with a short description and photos or a video. Current events in the life of our company will also be posted there because, after all – it’s not just about work!



Building an extension or renovating? What to expect when you let builders into your home.

Know the process and plan accordingly.

Building a home extension can either be a stressful experience or a surprisingly rewarding one. It all boils down to your expectations and understanding of the process involved. The reality is that builders will be in your space for the duration of the project and this can be inconvenient at times. There are certain things you can plan for ahead of time to make the process easier on yourself, so don’t be caught off guard- Here is a list of what to expect when the day finally arrives.

Planning is key.

Whatever works are planned, whether you are building an extension, renovating your home or converting your loft, builders will need access in and around your home. Take the time to think of the best possible routes the builders can take. For interior work, make sure there are clear areas to walk in and ask the builders to lay down protection to preserve floors or furniture. To minimise risk and avoid damage, you may have to remove some pictures from the walls or roll up loose carpets. If builders are working outside, ensure all side gates are open and provide them with a set of keys so that they don’t have to knock on your door every time they need to get in. If you have pets, keep them inside or make sure the builders know to keep the outside area secure at all times.

It’s going to get loud… and dusty.

Planning on having friends over for tea? Have an important zoom meeting coming up? Talk to the builders and decide on a convenient time that will suit you and them for some peace and quiet. With internal works, plastic sheets will most likely be strewn all over your home to protect your furniture or floors. Keep your bedroom and other non-work area doors closed to avoid dust from getting in. The sound of hammers and power tools will become a familiar background noise in your home but remember that these sounds are a reminder that your dream project is getting closer and closer to completion!

Know your builders

Over the years at DK Building, we have built a great team. It’s reassuring to know your builders are professional and trustworthy. Builders will spend a large amount of time in your home and it helps when you get to know the people you will be sharing your home with. Offer builders a cup of coffee and have a chat. A portable toilet will be made available for the duration of the project but if this is not possible provide builders with a designated bathroom. Communication is key;  Raise concerns and ask questions. Remember, the inconvenience of having builders in your home will pale in comparison to the reward you experience when your home extension or renovation is complete!

Don’t believe us, check out our testimonials page, we cover stories from our most recent projects, from full house renovations to Garage conversions in Warrington.


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