Spring 2022 Newsletter

Mar 2022 | Newsletter

Spring Newsletter from Headquarters


Daniel with company van

Daniel Kozinski – director

Dear Clients
Spring is definitely upon us. Finally, we can carry out some external jobs waiting for us!
We have just started to externally insulate one property and I imagine the theme of making existing homes more energy efficient will be coming back. I would like to point out how these improvements are making houses more comfortable to live in. I definitely feel a difference when walking on a wellinsulated floor. Wide window sills (after internal wall insulation) are great too – the aspect of thermal improvements. It seems as if some kind of retrofit work (insulating/upgrading etc) is part of each of our jobs these days: loft conversion rooms, renovating investment properties or completely remodelling the ground floor of a terraced house. We have no problems treating ourselves to luxury kitchens or bathrooms so why not treat ourselves to a well-insulated home? Many of our jobs are planned well in advance and with the rising costs of materials we have started tracking inflation in construction. We don’t know what material prices will be in 3-6-9 months’ time but
we can be transparent and clear about it. I have created a basket of the materials most commonly used by DK Building Company and we will be updating the cost of that basket in the coming months. If you would like a copy please let us know.
Have a great Spring time!


Leigh Luxton

We are delighted to introduce Leigh Luxton who joined the team in the latter half of 2021 and is already impressing clients with her skills. Leigh has a wealth of experience in planning and designing home interiors. Maybe you are planning an
extension or complete house renovations and have vague ideas of how you imagine it will look. Leigh is the person who measures up your new space and tries to match this with your expectations! She will offer suggestions about the layout of
your rooms and come up with beautiful creative solutions to any snags. Above all, Leigh has the DK Building traits of professionalism and “attention to detail”.


Another new word – meaning the process of making changes to an existing building to reduce emissions
and energy consumption.

Trust Mark (the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme) has produced a Guide to Retrofitting that explains everything very well – including information about government funding for homeowners. Possible renovations include wall, loft and floor insulation, airtightness, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, efficient lighting and water heating systems.
Retrofit works will only achieve the goals if:
A “whole house” assessment is carried out by a Retrofit professional and
Tasks are carried out in the correct order – as per the “specific plan” and
Attention is paid to the detail and quality of the work carried out
Potential clients can be reassured by knowing DK Building is a registered member of
Trust Mark. We are also approved contractors for Biokil and Sovereign Chemicals and
already carrying out high quality wall and under-floor insulation. Contact us for more
information: 0151 374 0373



We are delighted to announce our new YouTube channel where we will be posting videos of our work, testimonials from satisfied customers and other videos we think may be of interest to our clients.

You can already view photos of our work on several different websites:
Federation of Master Builders who operate a strict vetting and independent inspection process of its
members and their work. Customers can be reassured by the insurance and warranties available.
Trust Mark – the only government endorsed quality scheme covering work carried out by registered
Houzz – the leading platform for home remodelling and design, providing customers with everything they
DK Building is proud to have been independently chosen as one of the Three Best Rated Home Builders in
Liverpool for the last 5 years!


“We chose DK Building because they were recommended to us and they are members of FMB. We got a quick response to our initial enquiry and everyone was very professional and straightforward. Daniel quoted for an extension and a loft conversion and offered some useful advice. We decided to go ahead with the loft conversion.

Their architect had some good ideas for making the loft space functional and the team did exactly what we asked for: new staircase, two rooms, soundproofing and a bathroom. We are really impressed with the quality and attention to detail”

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