Need more space? A garage conversion may be the answer.

Apr 2023 | Uncategorized

Why a Garage Conversion is a great idea.

According to a RAC home insurance study, only around 40% of people in the UK that have a garage use it to park their cars in. Many older garage builds were designed to accommodate older cars of that era. This means modern day cars are simply too wide to comfortably fit in most garages. It’s not sensible to park in a space so tight that you have to squeeze out through the doors or in some extreme cases, exit via the boot. A garage conversion guarantees more available space and adds tremendous convenience to your home.

 RAC Home Insurance spokesman Simon Williams said:

“Our findings show the vast majority of UK garages aren’t used for the purpose they were intended.”

“It seems most garages are nothing more than additional storage, perhaps because many houses don’t have enough easily accessible space to store lots of household items. But in fairness to many people with garages, some just aren’t big enough to get a modern car in, and then there are some that you can drive into but are then too small to comfortably get in and out of your car.”

Fortunately every cloud has a silver lining. A small garage has massive potential and could be converted into an additional room for your home. Whether it is a spare En-suite bedroom, a study or home gym- the possibilities are endless. 

For more info or pictures visit DK buildings garage conversion page here.

What to do with all the items that were stored in the garage?

There are a number of choices for storing items that your garage once accommodated. Fitted shelves can house all the loose bits and bobs you have and these can be stored in plastic boxes or crates. Alternatively you could opt to put up a wooden shed in your garden. This a great compliment to any garden and is a convenient place to store everything from garden equipment, boxes or other household items. If a garden shed is not an option, a pantry or small store room can be built into your new garage conversion to act as a storage area.


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