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Structural steelwork

Architects and designers use artistic vision to work with a client and draw up the idea of a building or modification of a building that fits the client’s requirements. The initial design will then be checked by engineers with specialist knowledge of structure, services and electrical regulations.. Read More...

Steel bars may be used to reinforce concrete or retaining walls, and steel
beams are used in load bearing situations.

Designs and calculations are further checked by the Building Control officer whose approval is required before a completion certificate is issued. DK Building may draw up your plans and will always consult an engineer if there is any doubt about the safety and stability of a proposed construction.

“Because of the construction of the roof above the utility room we would need a structural engineer to assess how we can make a bigger opening for fixed staircase (we can’t simply make a bigger opening because that would weaken the structure of the roof).”

A simple trench for the foundations of an extension. If the excavation undermines a wall or other structure, the engineer may recommend some underpinning to prevent future collapse of the wall.

If there is a boundary or party wall close to the proposed development, it may be necessary to negotiate a party wall agreement.

All aspects of construction work fall under the Building Regulations. DK Building will liaise with the authorities on the client’s behalf and ensure that all their work is carried out in accordance with UK / EU standards.