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Fit outs

GRIN Case Study

I asked Daniel to completely gut a shop unit which had previously been used as a hairdressing salon and fit it out as a clothes store as soon as possible. The purchase had taken longer than expected and we were under considerable pressure time-wise to get the shop open for business. The work included stripping out the sinks/ plumbing, central heating system, electrical system, dividing wall, toilets and panelling. Unsurprisingly the original quote had to be amended as our plans changed. Some bare brick walls were exposed and we decided to keep those as a feature. One wall was replastered and painted, but the bricks were an attractive element and merely sealed. We had originally hoped to level the floor, but in the end this was covered with chipboard and sealant. We had a tight budget and in spite of the changes along the way, Daniel helped us keep fairly close to it . Whenever we encountered a hitch, we had a direct line to Daniel who was remarkably adaptable and resolved everything to our satisfaction. This was not an easy job and Daniel and his team were very good. I don’t think we could have done it any better. Read More...


Before any major project can be accurately priced DK Building will go through your ideas and plans to identify and specify every task that will be carried out in each room. Close cooperation at this stage ensures our clients are completely satisfied and confident that the project will be finished in line with their expectations. DK Building always endeavour to create the building the client is imagining. It is at this stage, that our designer can make suggestions and offer advice if necessary. There are a lot of decisions to be made and it can be very confusing. The finished list for a room may look something like this:


  • Damp proofing to external wall(bay)
  • Remove wall/make wider opening into Dining Room (currently 1950mm wide and 2000mm high) – chimney side only, keep the other side to form fridge corner, fit standard single wall lintel 2700mm long
  • Brick up door and make wider opening to living room (fit 3000 solid wall box lintel)
    • Sockets:
      • 2 in the niche left of fireplace, waist level; plae them on right wall of niche (for TV hung over fireplace)
      • 2 left wall close to niche at floor level
      • 2 in the niche right of fireplace, waist level on the left wall of the niche (i.e. on chimney)
      • 2-floor level right wall close to bay window
      • 2 in the corner closest to house entrance, floor level
      • TV cable to the fireplace
    • Lights:
      Keep existing pendant light (switch either on the wall left of entrance or on the
      wall behind/right of entrance; another one next to patio doors) New feature
      LED ‘ring’ ceiling light as per client spec.

Master control panel for the ground floor lights in the hallway.

  • Remove all wallpaper, remove picture rail, little coving on the ceiling, remove ceiling curves
  • PLASTERING: Skim all walls and ceiling
  • PAINTING: Walls/ceilings white, woodwork gloss/paint grey-green shade – niches on either side of chimney (behind shelves) back side only
  • Fit new 6 inch torus skirting boards
  • New radiator (4450 BTU) 300mm space under the bay – double radiator required
  • 3 feature dark wood shelves on either side of chimney (height and spacing tbc by client)
  • Remove existing fireplace, disconnect gas, block and make good
  • Install old mantelpiece
  • Engineered wood floor (laminate floor considered) / colour tbc by client

The team at DK Building can help by advising you what is possible from a construction point of view, and the client will make the final decisions on how their property will look when work is completed. The final specification is used to formulate a detailed quote for the client before work commences. Any amendments made during the project will be recorded and kept in a separate folder. It is wise to have a ‘contingency’ fund in case the unexpected occurs!

When a landlord is having work done on a property, receiving a progress report from a tenant, can be daunting, especially when your tenant is in the property industry.

However, the reason for the call in this case, was because they were so impressed with the standard of the damp proofing work being carried out. In fact, they wanted Daniel’s details to enable them to pass them on to their clients.

From their first meeting they have been delighted with the approach to the work, with the standard, the timetabling and completion, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Daniel’s company in future.