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Bespoke Joinery


Joinery may be described as a specialist area of carpentry and bespoke joinery is currently in great demand in the Liverpool area. There are practical reasons for using wood, but clients choose wood for its natural beauty. There are so many colours, textures and grains available and unlike modern materials, no two pieces will ever be identical.

Marcin, the joiner on the team at DK Building, describes himself as a ‘wood doctor’. He will fabricate any wooden items in the workshop and then install the finished product in your house. Furniture, cabinets, windows and doors, flooring, windowsills – the list is endless. You can choose exactly what you want.Read More...

They source the best wood for purpose from a variety of suppliers in Liverpool and beyond depending on exactly what is needed for the environment and budget. Even MDF (medium density fibreboard) will be a heavier gauge than normal and specially moisture resistant to make it more durable and suitable for purpose. With access to the most up to date machinery, joiners can copy any shape you would like.

Wood can be treated in a number of different ways, and if the product is to be painted, only high quality paint and undercoat will be used. Some paints include a resin compound which produces a harder, more durable finish, suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. They are still available in a wide range of colours.

Even something as functionally important as a fire door can be beautifully crafted. Wood is specially soaked in chemicals to fireproof it and intermission strips are inserted. Further wooden edgings are added before the doors are installed in apartment blocks, hotels, offices, hospitals etc. Products such as these are in demand in Liverpool and nationwide.

Liverpool based DK Building offer a complete design and build service
and the joinery team provide the ‘icing on the cake’. Let’s see what we
can build together.